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NEWLY ADDED TO REGISTER Jodie Larcombe Alexander Schlack   John Alexander  Trent Riley   Jordan Kelly

      Craig Evans    Manfred Luck   Hoang Vinh Le  (parental abduction)   Glen Yates    Aaron Clear  Kerry Giakoumis

   Silas Creed Russell Bulmer Alban Creed     Kay Corp   Ahsan Rashid   Samah Baker  Roy Bradbeer

Lukas Orda   Will MainprizNicholas Catchlove  Allan Bentley  Jennifer Baxter    Mohammad Darakhani  Clive Rolph

Bob Duncan  Robert Donnelly   Carlos Scott-Huie  Kevin Gore



LOCATED -    Kelly Zhang    Anthony Roper    Adele Morrison    Jesse Corigliano-Quealey  Paul Norton


UPDATED PAGES - Hayley Dodd    Jayden Penno-Tompsett   Marcia Ryan    Des Carr   Jennie Kehlet

Ivan Pirovich


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