Australian Missing Persons Register 


NOTICE - July 2019 - I apologise for the state of the photos. Photobucket has decided that despite me giving them large amounts of money over the years, they want more, and they have now chosen to watermark all my photos. I am gradually moving all the photo links over to my server, please bear with me as this takes a great deal of time.


NEWLY ADDED TO REGISTER Daniel Te-Wake  Anthony Morden  Dougie Jankovic

Gilbert Midson  Annemarie Jeffery   Carina & Lina Gu  Carol Clay & Russell Hill  Paul Stimburys

Alan/Elly Ticehurst   Scott Murphy   Ruben Gardiol  Jarrath Hillyer & Timothy March

Robert Atkins  Trent McKechnie Wudtichai Uanpromma  Patricia Backhurst

Melissa Caddick  Roy Buhagiar  Ken Hanes Billy Bourbaud  Stephen Angel  Tristan Frank

Pat Thaiday  Barbara Gibson Amy Schulkins  Malcolm McPhail


LOCATED Adele Morrison    Jesse Corigliano-Quealey 




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