Mark Anthony BEAMES

Mark has been missing from Swan Hill, Victoria since September 2nd 2014. He also frequents Echuca, Timboon and Griffith.

Police to search Swan Hill region for missing man

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Police will search the Murray River and areas surrounding Swan Hill for a man who went missing more than a month ago.

Mark Anthony Beames, 44, was last seen leaving a relative's house around September 4.

Police and close family have grave concerns for Mr Beames, who has a history of mental health issues.

Detective Sergeant Steve Mitchell says a lack of information is frustrating investigators.

"The real concern in a case like this is has something happened to him, is there some sort of suspicious circumstances perhaps, in relation to his disappearance, or is it a case that he has just wondered off somewhere and found himself in a spot where he might have passed away and we just can't find his body?" he said.

Brother pleads for clues to find missing Swan Hill man

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The brother of a Swan Hill man who has been missing for more than two-and-a-half months has pleaded to his brother to contact police.

Mark Anthony Beames, 44, was last seen leaving a relative's house on September 4.

He is described as having long hair, olive skin, a skinny build and about 180 centimetres tall, and had no fixed address.

His brother, Craig Beames, said he is lost for words and was urging the public to come forward with any information.

"He'd usually ring on a fortnightly basis and check on how his niece and nephew Kiara and Andy are and they love him very much," he said.

"Mark's actually got a big heart and does a lot of things for people.

"Mark if you are out there mate, let somebody know where you are.

"Contact Crime Stoppers, go to see police wherever you are, if you're there mate ... let us know how you're going because we're all worried the hell about you."

He said it was unusual for him not to call.

"I'm just really worried for him. He's on [an] invalid pension and he has seizures ... and without his medication he's going to be in a bad way," he said.

"I just, I don't know ... I'm baffled, I'm stuck for words ... I just hope we can hear something soon you know."

Emergency services to search irrigation channel for missing Swan Hill man

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Police and State Emergency Service (SES) crews will today search Swan Hill's irrigation channel for a man who has been missing for two months.

Mark Anthony Beames, 44, was last seen leaving a relative's house on September 4.

Mr Beames suffers from seizures and has a history of mental health issues.

Detective Senior Constable Michael Corridan said they believe he may have fallen into the irrigation channel.

"There's nothing we've found that points to anything being suspicious, it's just the fact due to his medical conditions and what we've known about him, he may be in the channel," he said.

"I've already contacted our Victoria Police search and rescue and they have proposed what we do today with the SES and they may come up and do some diving at this stage, depends on how we go."

Detective Senior Constable Corridan said they had confirmed where he was last seen near the channel.

"Standard irrigation channel that supplies the water to the fruit farmers out Worrineen way, just runs basically through the residential area of Swan Hill," he said.

"It's quite full at the moment because of the irrigation, so we're just having our local SES to have a look.

"Mark may ... [have] fallen into the channel, so we're going to search it and see if we can find any remains."