Trevor Charles Henry WHEELER


Missing since: 
Thursday, March 16, 1972
Last seen: 
Woodridge, QLD
Responsible jurisdiction: 
Year of birth: 
Distinguishing Features: 
Trevor had multiple unique tattoos covering most of his body that he accumulated over the years. Please see details or circumstances for more information.


Trevor Charles Henry WHEELER was born in Deegan Queensland on 27 October 1941. He attended Gympie State school until the age of about 14 years old. After leaving school he took on an itinerate life style seeking work along the eastern states of Australia. He was known to travel between various locations including Toowoomba, High Gate Hill Queensland, Boundary Bend, Robinvale, Mildura Victoria, Yamba and Balranald NSW.

He also utilised many different alias during this time including:

Arthur Trevor Burton, Arthur TREVOR, Arthur Trevor SMITH, Arthur Trevor JONES, Trevor Neil STEWART, Trevor Charles WILKS, Arthur Trevor JONES, Arthur Trevor BURTON, Trevor Charles BURTON, Trevor Charles ROWE and Trevor Charles NEILSON.

His last known sighting was on the corner of Kingston Road and Moss Street Woodridge Queensland sometime between 1972 to 1976. At some stage after this he is believed to have travelled to the Northern Territory.

Anyone who knows Trevor Charles Henry WHEELER or has any information which may assist in locating Trevor Charles Henry WHEELER  is urged to call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Distinguishing Features: 

Trevor had multiple unique tattoos covering most of his body that he accumulated over the years for example: 

Outside right forearm – Bird with a cross with a heart and scroll words “Mum” in the heart and “Dad” in the scroll.

Inside right forearm  - Naked girl in sitting position letters “W.H.C”, Two hearts with arrows through them and the letters “L.G” underneath with a scroll containing date “1959”.

Outside each wrist right and left - Skull and crossbones under arrow with letters “T.W” above that.

Inside heel of each palm right and left – Heart

Left upper arm – Naked women in standing position.

Outside left forearm – Heart with a rose with word “Kathy” in a scroll below.

Inside left forearm – Dagger with words “K. IAN ONLY” on the blade

Fingers left hand “L.O.V.E” each finger

Centre front chest – Unicorn words “Untamed.”

Front of right thigh – Naked women entwined in a snake

Outside right lower leg – Eagles head surmounted on a lions body and shield with the words “The proud one” on shield.

Outside left lower leg – Two flags, skull and crossbones with daggers and words “THE LUST OF DEATH.”

Inside calf left leg – Snake and dagger with words “MAVIS, PATSY, JANET”

Inside left lower leg – Cross through a heart with scroll above the words “FONDE MEMORY FOREVER” in scroll. Tombstone on either side of base of cross “R.I.P. Mum”