Paul Arrowsmith was living in Indooroopilly, Brisbane at the time of his disappearance on June 10th 1993. He and his girlfriend had been house-sitting.

Paul was a professional photographer, he went everywhere with a camera bag but that morning he walked out the door with just his wallet and smokes, and left his camera behind.

The 37-year-old drove from his home address in in the early hours of the morning (around 4am) driving a distinctive 1982 red Rover 3500 sedan registration 1550 XB, and has not been seen since. His car has also never been found. His bank accounts were untouched.

Paul had a photographic studio in Bowen Hills. 2 days after he left, someone entered that premises at around midnight but it couldn't be determined if it was Paul. It is unknown if anything was taken. He left his passport behind at the studio.

Paul is described as 188cms tall with brown eyes and auburn hair, is of a solid build with a fair complexion. He walks with a limp.