ASIAN missing persons     

I wanted to start this page as a response to requests I often have for information about specifically Asian missing persons. I hope that you will recognise the page is made with respect and with a particular purpose to encourage these communities to help one another in locating the missing.

Please contact me if you find a case on the Register that I have missed including on here.

Very recent cases -

Hongwai Xue

Anivatt Tayommai

     Anivatt TAYOMMAI


Older cases -


   Bach NGUYEN       I Hsiu LAI                  Yan Xiao HUA         Jun REN               Jee RHEE                           Stephen LEE


Young SONG               Qing YUE CHEN            Zhi Yi LU                    Ee CHAN                Seok YOU                      Duc LUU 


 Koji SHIRAISHI        Yuan BIN GAO                Peter WON                 Quanne DIEC            Tavanti PIRAS         Sally CHEONG


Benchawyn SPYRIDIS        Annabell STRZELECKI     Merry FAUSTD


Dzung NGUYEN (photo unavailable)









Chinese Victims of Crime Support Group - initiative reaches out to victims of crime

Last Updated: 25/11/2010

In order to assist members of the Chinese community who may be victims of crime, the Queensland Police Service, Relationships Australia and the Cathay Community Association Inc have today launched a program specifically developed to reach out those who have been impacted by crime. 

The program, initiated by the Chinese Community Crime Prevention Consultative Committee involves identifying suitable volunteers in the Chinese community who can be trained to help support victims of crime within their community.

“It has been identified that some crimes occurring within the Asian community are not being reported to police. Some of the reasons for this include fear and lack of confidence in accessing assistance services. This program is aimed at bringing together suitable volunteers and training them to a level where they can offer assistance, and provide culturally specific support,” Detective Superintendent Gayle Hogan of State Crime Operations Command said.

“We are certainly not expecting these volunteers to work in isolation. We are equipping them with skills that will help them reach out to the affected victims or people who are affected by crime and offer them support. They will also help to advise the community and refer them to appropriate counselling services, such as Victims Counselling and Support Service, a service provided by Relationships Australia or to police,” she said.

A volunteer in the program, Ms Tina Chen believes the initiative will help reach victims in all areas of the community.

“As a student body we hope to assist both local and overseas students. It’s a pleasure to be a volunteer in the Chinese victims of crime support program. Due to the establishment of this program, we are fortunate that when students who become a victim of crime require assistance, we are able to refer them to the right agencies in the most effective manner,” Ms Tina Chen said.

The program will also involve ensuring the volunteers themselves are capable of coping with this role.

“It is important the volunteers are provided with skills to ensure they are managing their everyday stresses while dealing with others who quite possibly could be the victim of a traumatic experience,” Detective Superintendent Hogan said.

The three-day sessions will be provided by members of Relationships Australia and the Queensland Police Service Organised Crime Unit’s Asian Specialist Unit. The training will address Victims Counselling Support Service information, reactions and effects to crime and trauma and the impact of trauma. Participants will also be instructed on how to refer victims to other relevant and appropriate counselling services. The training will also touch on basic micro skills in counselling.

“The Victims Counselling and Support Service (VCSS) is a program of Relationships Australia and is funded through the Department of Justice and Attorney General. The service provides free counselling and support to people living in Queensland who are victims of crime, their family members or those who have witnessed a crime. Services are provided by qualified staff in a safe environment where people are assisted to regain normality following a traumatic event. Anyone can contact VCSS 24 hours a day on 1300 139 703,” says Barry Walton, Director State Programs, Relationships Australia.

“In Relationships Australia, we also provide counselling in Mandarin in order to better assist our Chinese clients enhance their capacity to deal with the impact of trauma. Providing services in the language used by clients is one of our steps towards cultural sensitivity and inclusion,” says Dee Lim, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program Leader, 

Mr Ken Cheung of the Cathay Community Association also believes the program will have many benefits.

“Cathay Association Inc’s core business is assisting Chinese seniors through our Home Care and Age Care Programs. We are also involved in a number of other community programs. The Chinese Community Crime Prevention Consultative Committee’ s initiative in setting up Volunteers for Victims of Crime is to be commended. As this fits in with our vision of assisting the community we are happy to be involved in this program by taking over the day to day running,” Mr Ken Cheung President of the Cathay Community Association Inc said.

Further information can be obtained from: Relationships Australia, Dee Lim, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Program Leader, Phone: 1300 364 277 and the Asian Specialist Unit 33646200 and the Senior Police Liaison officers Chi-Kim Wong 0411719092 and Purdy Huang 3364 3200.

Anyone with information which could assist police with their investigations should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.

Crime Stoppers is a charitable community volunteer organisation working in partnership with the Queensland Police Service