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Missing man, Beenleigh 

Chad Steven Bishop. Picture: Facebook

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Missing man, Beenleigh QLD

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Police are asking for public assistance to help locate 46-year-old Chad Bishop (pictured) missing from Beenleigh since early March 2022.

Chad was last seen at a Beenleigh address on Thursday March 3 and has not been seen or heard from since.

Police and family have concerns for his welfare as he has a medical condition and his disappearance is out of character.

Chad is described as Caucasian in appearance, 180cm in height with a solid build and is bald. Both of Chad’s arms are heavily tattooed.

Police are urging Chad, or anyone else with information on his whereabouts, to contact them. Quote this reference number: QP2200418783.


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Chad Bishop: Muscled-up rigger targeted car parks in break-in spree

A Logan rigger caught breaking into underground car parks and garages to steal property and make money for meth has been released on parole.

Natasha Emeck

A Logan rigger caught breaking into underground car parks and garages to steal property and make money for meth has been released on parole.

Chad Steven Bishop pleaded guilty to 19 offences in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on Thursday including six counts of entering a premises and committing an indictable offence.

The court heard Bishop entered a premises in Logan and destroyed a padlock on April 19, 2020, and also committed a further 18 offences over a period of 12 months between May 2020 and May 2021.

Magistrate Louise Shephard said his offending was aggravated by the fact that he had also been on parole.

“Unfortunately you continued with your method of breaking into underground car parks and getting into secured facilities and taking property,” she said.

“The motivation was to use this money to feed your methamphetamine habit.

“I take the view that it’s a serious example of this offending in that it’s not opportunistic, there’s planning and thought gone into it.

“You go prepared and were found on one occasion with significant instruments for house break-ins.

“You get in and take what you want causing potential hardship and detriment to the victims.

“The unlawful use of a motor vehicle offence was also part of the property that you took.”

The court heard Bishop had battled with an addiction to meth for some years and also had a history of similar offending in New South Wales.

His lawyer said that he had resorted to drugs after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD stemming from his troubled childhood.

The court heard he had been in custody for about two and a half months at the time of sentencing.

He was sentenced to three months jail with an immediate parole release date.




‘My heart is in pieces’: Mum fears missing man a victim of foul play

Police are keeping an open mind on the disappearance of a 46-year-old man south of Brisbane, but his mother fears the worst.

Elise Williams

The mother of missing man Chad Bishop has revealed she believes her son may have been murdered, while police investigators keep on open mind in relation to his disappearance.

Chad, 46, was last seen at an address at Beenleigh south of Brisbane on March 3, while it’s understood his last known phone communication was in the early hours that same day.

His heartbroken mother Karen Wood believes his disappearance is suspicious, and has even gone as far to say she believes her eldest child may have been met with foul play.

“I believe he has died by someone else’s hand,” Ms Wood said in an exclusive interview with The Sunday Mail.

Chad has had a chequered life, his mum said, as she detailed her son’s drug use.

Ms Wood said it was not unusual for her son to use a combination of ice, fantasy and valium – sometimes turning to all three multiple times in one day.

Ms Wood said despite his drug habit, however, Chad was a good man who loved his family.

“He had a beautiful nature,” Ms Wood said.

“Caring, loving, we were very, very close.

“He wouldn’t walk in or out of the house without a kiss and a cuddle, or a ‘I love you Mum’.”

It’s Ms Wood’s belief that Chad, who has been described by police as 180cm tall with a bald head and heavily tattooed arms, may have owed money for drugs at the time of his disappearance.

“Perhaps he owed dealers money and they’ve come back to him, or he’s OD’d (overdosed) at someone’s house and they’ve hidden the body,” Ms Wood said.

“(But) Chad was a big boy and he knew how to look after himself, people couldn’t walk over him.”

Ms Wood said at most, she would only go four or five days without talking to her son, but more often than not, they would chat daily.

Police said in a statement Chad’s disappearance is out of character, while the service also vowed to “investigate all avenues and follow-up on all evidence and intelligence afforded to them.”

They urged anyone with information to come forward, while Ms Wood pleaded for those in the know to help her find closure and mend her broken heart.

“Just be upfront and admit to it, let us have some closure and peace of mind,” she said.

“My heart is in pieces but I won’t let it tear me down, I have to be strong,” she said.

The public can report any information in relation to Chad‘s disappearance anonymously to Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.