Christopher Curzon CHILLINGWORTH

Born - 1973

Hair - Red/Ginger

Build - Thin

Eyes - Blue

Circumstances - Christopher has been missing from Hamilton in Newcastle since 10am on Friday 17th May 1996.

Chris suffers mild schizophrenia.


                                         Chris' family misses him terribly and love him very much. They have never given up hope of seeing him again.




Chris' friend Michelle misses him also and has these words -

"He went missing the day we buried his best mate.  Chris' best mate was Lance Hobson, he was a lightweight champion boxer and sadly had his life support turned off after a fight in Melbourne. Lance, Chris and my boyfriend at the time were best mates. Lance and Chris spent alot of time at our house.

The day of Lance's funeral we sat with Chris and other mates at his funeral in Newcastle. The burial was at a suburb 15 mins from the church. Chris and another mate were coming with us to the cemetery.

We left to get the car telling Chris and another mate we would pick them up out front as we had a long walk to the car.

When we got out the front only the other mate was there. Chris apparently went to chat to someone and never returned. We waited about 5 mins then thought he must have got a lift with someone so we headed to the cemetery .Chris was never at the cemetery. And from all accounts no one saw him again.

I hope and pray he just took off and did not hurt himself...

Finding info on him is hard but that said I never know where to look. Many years ago he appeared on a Missing Persons TV show. It is just a sad story."


His friend Karen writes -

"When Chris disappeared his family were devastated. I'm sure Chris is never far from their thoughts."