Age when missing: 25

DOB - 1977
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Height: 180 cm
Build: Average
Simon was last seen at Cocklebiddy Road House, Eyre Highway, Cocklebiddy (Nullabor Plain) WA at 8 a.m. on Friday, June 20th, 2003 after leaving his home address in Langford, Perth on June 19th, 2003.  He was driving a white 1991 Ford Falcon station wagon registered number 8OL948.

A message from Andy to Simon -

If there is one thing my father would like to say to Simon, it is "Sorry".
Simon will know what he is talking about.


Simon, your brother is now married. Samantha's Dad Geoff has also asked me to post his e mail address in case you wish to contact him privately - . They just want to know you're okay and they have very important news they need to tell you.

Note from Nicole - this is a case I feel very close to. I have been in regular contact with Simon's family and most of the information contained on this page has come directly from them.
Your family are desperate to have you back, Simon. Your Dad hired a plane to fly over the Nullabor to look for you. They search for you every day and will never stop looking for you. They just need to know you're okay.

   The past doesn’t matter anymore. All that matters is what we do now.


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These words are from David, Simon's dad, written in June 2005 -

Simon's been missing since 20th June 2003. He left Perth the 19th June, late afternoon.
I'm hoping he picked up some hitchhiker and that person can give me a clue where he might be. Simon last fuelled his Ford Station wagon at Cockabiddy Western Australia, the attendant did notice that the car was pointing West ...He was up to this point heading east towards the WA/SA border approx 300kms away.
Furthur on at Ceduna SA there is a checkpoint for fruit fly etc and they record every car that passes through, Simon did not pass to our knowledge.

Simon has an Australian accent and is quite shy at parties, clubbing, crowds...if he knows you he is quite social. He had no girlfriend at the time.
Simon is very clever with computers,(building & repairs) he finds work fixing ceilings on houses etc...
He surprised us all with his unannounced travel plans...he took off for a drive heading east, he drove around 17 hrs that day/night(19_20 June 2003) arriving at Cockabiddy at 8AM, he fuelled his car which should have enabled him to reach Nullabour Roadhouse appox 550 kms away, we don't know if he turned around heading west again or went exploring caves/cliff/beaches along the way.
Despite two air searches nothing has been found of Simon or his car in Australia.
I'm trying to make a web site of mainly photos and a brief description.
He has brown/ginger hair, solid build, and sometimes grows a beard, he could be overseas or in the next suburb from me?

Thankyou for all your efforts, this site does encourage us parents who after nearly two years still haven't any clue where Simon is?
Our youngest son now 23 is still at home and at this moment he's playing Simon's guitar, there is always a reminder of those near and dear to you eg my wife is sorting out the family photos and marvel how we survived four spirited boys, they were very close. Sometimes we think Simon is suffering as well, my gut feeling is you can't abandon your family and not feel anything, maybe Simon is so embarrased by disappearing he can't see how he could return home.

Australia is wonderful country however it is one of the most regulated countries I know, civil liberties has frustrated us all, for instance if I go to the motor registry I cannot find out who the previous owner of my car was, however the insurance companies seem to access everyones traffic offences and use them against you...
The individual hasn't a chance with the banks, insurance, registry offices because of the privacy laws, surely they could make exceptions. I'm going to write to the politicans and see if they can do something.

Earlier in the year I was determined to do another private search along the bush tracks, especially some of the old fishing shacks scattered along the Southern coast, after many inquiries from four wheel drive clubs, & police rescue I came to the conclusion no one person could cover that vast area alone, assuming Simon didn't refill his station waggon again after Cockabiddy it still meant I would have an area roughly the size of Tasmania to search,there are no towns,no out stations,most of the fishing vessels only fish that area a few months of the year.

The fact that nothing has been found by the sheep station people who send at least four aircraft to muster the sheep every year and the occasional four wheel adventurer nothing much happens,occasionally fishing parties venture about a quater of the way along that rugged coast from Esperance when they encounter huge 80ft sand dunes ,some of the time you spend hours travelling along beaches at the base of huge cliffs, Ive done a bit of bush wacking when surveying very remote country east of Esperance West Australia.

If you look at the map near Cockabiddy the coast is roughly 100 Kms away,some of the locals travel down the few tracks to the coast,satellite images show about three tracks heading toward the coast however I'm told only one can be used.

I just trying to show the difficulty in searching for a lone vehicle amongst large trees and overgrown tracks,the police did a search east of Ecula along the road & coast, meantime I drove from Perth and placed pamphlets at service stations at Norsman, Esperance and Ceduna after that.

I hired a plane from Kalgoolie and searched the area while tracking toward Ecula we then followed the coast at 1,000ft towards Ceduna
Everywhere I went radio stations and newspapers ran the story,on the flight a TV station sent along a camera man along,unfortunately they didnt run the clip...that was dissapointing because that station targets the entire south west of Western Australia right across the Nullabour.

When I returned I sent emails to thousands of backpacker hostels, many replied of the problems of getting older is your level of energy plus a medical condition. the doctor said "you have to stay out of the wind because your immune system is not as stong as it used to be..." I had a laugh at that as I conducted the search in the middle of winter,the car heater didn't work, I broke down in the middle of nowhere in howling gales & driving rain, the wipers quit as well...locals said that winter was the worst one for many years.
I've told you this to demonstate how difficult it is in the Australian outback...let some of the backpackers note ...if you're unprepared this country will kill you, you either freeze or you expire from heat, do not hitch hike, it's very dangerous, criminals think they can escape justice by going bush, many have simply vanished, there are many stories from motorists that have encountered some wild boys out there, recently my wife was travelling from the east. I put her and the car on the train from Adelaide to Perth... I've spent 20 years as a trucker on that road and I never camped alone at parking bays...Simon may have encountered some ferals, he could be dead... we don't know and that's the hard part.

Simon left home six months earlier, we thought that was a good move, however his friends said he was moody. Simon knew that road well because I was trucker for 20 years, all the boys travelled extensively around OZ with me, I think he chose the east /west road because he knew trucker I spoke to was certain Simon was heading back home, his description of the station wagon and the contents inside was perfect however he couldn't see the driver for glare on the car's windscreen.

The facts are, he appeared normal at the three service stations he refulled at, he drove through the night (about 17 hrs) to reach Cockabiddy around 8AM which is the norm for trucks however he would be very tired, I think he would sleep until late afternoon which fits the trucker's story.

To my mind that is the most encouraging report to date, the police didn't think much of it...however I know how it is on the road, you remember things, you take notice of cars in your area, often you will see them having a meal and you say gooday, sometimes they tell you how lonely it is on the road and appreciate the truckies looking out for them...that's how it is.

- with deep thanks to The Lonely Planet online forum The Thorn Tree.

I also spoke with Simon's mum Anne who said how difficult it was for her going through Mother's Day without Simon. Anne says -

"The photo on the Police Missing Persons file (see above) was taken out of a film his friend he lived with was making only about 3 weeks before he left. But he often got tired of shaving and quickly grew a red(!!) beard. So quickly he was the envy of his brothers."


Simon, your brother Andy wanted to add these words -

If I can encourage people to help us get some answers
to what happen to Simon in anyway, I would like them to let me know. I'm
not rich, but if it counts for anything, my gratitude would not be short

To anyone who thinks that killing themselves is a good idea, at least
let people know where you are to be found. This may be a bit morbid for
some, but honestly, we all have to live in the same world, and it makes
things worse for us all if we have to live with grief that never heals.
I'm sorry to Simon if there was something I didn't do as his brother
that would have made this world a better place in his eyes. I'm sorry
if something I did made it worse, but I can tell you I would have made
it better if I had been told. It's not easy to deal with the unknown.

One final word,

To all those who wish to check out early; if your legacy is to leave the
world a more confusing place than you found it, then congratulations on
the finding the ultimate prize. Otherwise, I suggest that no matter what
you think is going on, only one thing remains; the choices we make about
those around us. Don't punish those who love you the most this way, even
if that love is not enough. There are more ways than this one to 'get
even', and the least you can do is to be around to see us suffer! We can
both come out the other side then, but as it is there is only darkness

Thanks Nicole for a place to write something to Simon.