Guiseppe "Joe" Salvatore IANELLA


Thursday, September 28, 2006. 6:44pm (AEST)
30-yr missing person case could be murder, say police - ABC

South Australian police have finished excavating a property at Milang, south of Adelaide, in search of the remains of a man who disappeared from the area 30 years ago.

Guiseppe Ianella, 46, disappeared from his dairy property in late 1975, and until now police have treated the matter as a missing person case.

But Detective Inspector Tony Crameri says a tip-off from the public has prompted them to think he was murdered.

He says police believe Mr Ianella's remains may be at his former property.

"Information we've received has led us to come back to the property today and conduct an excavation of certain locations on the property," he said.

He says no human bones have been found so far.

Police say investigations will continue but at this stage the excavation is complete.

Cold case police search property
September 28, 2006 01:54pm - Adelaide Now

MAJOR Crime Detectives are in Milang, south-east of Adelaide, today excavating part of a property in relation to a 31-year-old cold case.

In 1975, 46-year-old Giuseppe Salvatore Iannella, also known as Joe Iannella, reportedly went missing from his property at Lakes Plains Rd, Milang.

There have been no reported sightings or any contact with family or friends since that time. Detectives are treating the disappearance as suspicious.

The search is taking place on property once owned by Mr Iannella and his family and police are looking for remains or any other items associated with his disappearance.

1975 Milang murder back in police spotlight

The presumed murder of Milang dairy farmer Giuseppe 'Joe' Iannella in 1975 is one of 113 unsolved murders in the State which are leaving grieving families with no sense of closure.

Mr Iannella was 46 when he disappeared from his Lake Plains Road farm where lived with his wife and four children.

Police suspect he has been murdered as he has not made any contact with family or friends since he went missing between February and August 1975, and there have been no reported sightings.

In September 2006, Major Crime Detectives conducted excavations at Mr Iannella's Milang farm looking for his remains or any other item associated with his disappearance, but they had no success.


Police and Crime Stoppers have launched a new campaign which they hope will help solve some of the State's cold case murders - any murder case which remains open after 12 months of investigation - as new technology and investigative techniques arise.

Deputy police commissioner Grant Stevens said it was an opportunity for police to make headway with murder investigations.

"It's never too late to assist in a murder investigation and our message to people holding information is now is the time to act - and we are encouraging anyone with information that leads us to those responsible for these crimes, to take advantage of the rewards available," he said.

"This is a concerted effort to make headway with these cold cases and bring peace to those families impacted.

"If you have information, act now and talk to police - knock on our door, before we knock on yours."

In the past two years, South Australian police have charged four offenders with murders dating back 34, 23, 13 and 10 years.

- Details: Anyone with information on a cold case murder is asked to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or visit sa.

You can report anonymously.

Milang man Giuseppe Iannella still missing, 45 years on from disappearance in 1975

Milang man Giuseppe Iannella was reported missing in 1975 and he hasn't been seen or heard from since.

At age 46, Mr Iannella, known as Joe, went missing sometime between February and August 1975 the exact timing of his disappearance is unclear.

This week - which is also National Missing Persons Week - marks 45 years since he was reported missing.

He has not made contact or been seen since this time, and police presume he has been murdered.


He was living with his wife and four children at the family dairy farm on Lake Plains Road. He has olive complexion and would be 91 today.

Excavations at the farm occurred in September 2006 as Major Crime Detectives searched for his remains or anything related to his disappearance, without success.

In March 2015, the state government announced rewards for information on 54 cold case murders would increase to a minimum of $200,000. Mr Iannellas case is included in this list.

When a murder or suspected murder is unsolved for a long time, or there is not enough evidence to identify or prosecute someone, the $200,000 reward is offered. This increases to $1 million for crimes against the state and the abduction or murder of children.

Police said anyone who believed the passage of time meant some murders are unlikely to ever be solved should think again, as increased police resources and better technology have proven otherwise.

If you have information which may help police investigating Mr Iannellas disappearance, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or online at