Jennifer Helen LANE



Date of Birth: 1952
Build: Solid
Height: 175cm
Hair: Black short cropped
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Fair

Jennifer flew from Adelaide to Alice Springs on 30th March 2004, where she booked into accommodation for 1 night. She was last seen on the 31st March and has not made contact with any family or friends since.

Jennifer Helen LANE  
DOB: 1952  

LANE is described as 175 cm tall, heavy build, brown eyes, black short cropped hair and a fair complexion. Jennifer flew from Adelaide to Alice Springs, NT on 30 March 2004, where she booked into accommodation for one night. She was last seen on 31 March 2004 and has not made contact with any family or friends since. 

Jennifer’s father Jim Lane said:

 “Jennifer, if you are happy doing what you are doing, that’s okay – we would just like to see you, please make contact.” 


"Jenny, if you're reading this or if anyone you know is reading we want you to know that we love you we care for you and we'd really like to know that you're safe."




Search for woman continues

Posted Mon Apr 19, 2004 2:11pm AEST  - ABC

Police are continuing an air and ground search for a 51-year-old woman who has been missing for more than two weeks.

Jennifer Helen Lane arrived in Alice Springs on March 30 and checked into a youth hostel.

Police were alerted when she failed to check out and her luggage was found in the room.

Police initiated the searches 30 kilometres north of the Alice following leads the woman was last seen by a taxi driver who dropped her off on a dirt road in the region.

She is described as about 163 centimetres tall with a solid build and short, dark close-cropped hair.


National Missing Persons Week awareness

Broadcast: 06/08/2004  Transcript - Stateline Northern Territory, ABC

Reporter: Lindy Kerin

MICHAEL COGGAN: The trauma and heartache families experience when a loved one goes missing is the theme of this week's National Missing Persons Week.

every year, 30,000 people around the country are reported missing.

That's one person every 18 minutes.

In the NT, 842 people have been reported missing, and as Lindy Kerin reports 17 of those people are yet to be located.

JOHN LANE, BROTHER OF MISSING PERSON: Jenny, if you're watching or if anyone you know is watching we want you to know that we love you we care for you and we'd really like to know that you're safe.

LINDY KERIN: For the past four months, John Lane has been searching for his sister Jennifer.

The 51-year-old woman was last seen in Alice Springs in March this year.

John Lane and his family have travelled to Central Australia twice to try and unravel the mystery.

Jennifer stayed at the Alice Springs Youth Hostel, but left behind her belongings, and hasn't been seen since.

DETECTIVE-SUPERINTENDENT COLLEEN GWYNNE, NT POLICE: She was a woman that travelled from Melbourne, who ended up in Alice Springs, spent a night or so in Alice Springs and then basically disappeared, and we have had further reports of possible sightings, one of those reports was at Bond Springs, where we actually did a fairly extensive aerial search, foot search and unfortunately that didn't help us out at all.

LINDY KERIN: Detective-Superintendent Colleen Gwynne, is the head of the NT's Major Crimes Unit which investigates missing persons cases.

She says Jennifer's disappearance has had a devastating impact on the Lane family.

DET-SUP COLLEEN GWYNNE: It's a difficult one because there's no reason why she perhaps has gone missing.

And certainly the investigation into that has been extensive and we're just monitoring such things as bank accounts in the hope that she'll come to light and we'll be able to make contact with her and perhaps provide some assistance, some support to her, if that's what she requires.

LINDY KERIN: Jennifer Lane is one of 17 unsolved cases of missing persons in the NT.

30,000 people around the country are reported missing each year.

95 per cent of those are located within the first couple of hours, but for the remainder it's an agonising time for families.

DET-SUPREME COLLEEN GWYNNE: They put a lot of trust and rely on us to come up with a result and when we simply don't then it is difficult, because they I guess they feel like, if we can't find these people they lose a certain amount of hope, and for the people who work investigating the missing persons there's a certain amount of frustration there as well because, like I say, here's sometimes no light at the end of the tunnel.

LINDY KERIN: This year's theme for National Missing Persons Week is about the families right to know.

It draws upon the common experiences felt by families and friends of the missing.

DET-SUP COLLEEN GWYNNE: We just want to get the message out there that you're not committing an offence, police are involved purely because we are concerned for their welfare and once we are satisfied that those people are okay then it's no longer a police issue, LINDY KERIN: Police say those wishing to let their family know they're okay, but do not want to make direct contact, can call their local police station.

DET-SUP COLLEEN GWYNNE: The National Missing Persons Unit has web sites and they've got a 24-hour contact number, where they provide support services, people that they can talk to and basically spell out a process where people can follow to contact family and be reunited with family.

So that's another part of what we do is try and facilitate that and assist that along the way.



Family of missing woman to search WA on Alice lead

Posted Fri Aug 22, 2008 8:20pm AEST  - ABC

The family of a woman who went missing near Alice Springs four years ago say they have had new information about where she may have travelled to next.

Jenny Lane was reported missing in April 2004.

Her sister and brother have returned to Alice Springs this week for the third time since their sister's disappearance in the hope of confirming she is alive and well.

John Lane says they have a new lead after speaking to a traditional land owner this morning.

"We spoke to someone who had met with her a few days after she was here," he said.

"In fact after she was officially a missing person, and that she had said that she really wanted to go to Balgo which is you know, Western Australia and that was really interesting to hear someone saying so clearly that Jenny had said I'm going to Balgo."

Ms Lane's family say they will take their search for her to Western Australia next month.

John and Susan Lane will leave Alice Springs tomorrow after the campaign to find her through the town's network of remote organisations.

Mr Lane is urging anyone with information to come forward.

"We want to make sure that Jenny understands that there's no reason she needs to be in hiding from us and you know we don't even necessarily want to get her and take her home," he said.

"We just really want to know that she's alive and she's okay."

HEARTBREAK HUNT - Family search for sister missing for 4 years

Carenda Jenkin - Centralian Advocate


A BROTHER and sister from Victoria are on their third heartbreak trip to Alice Springs in search of their sister.

Jennifer Helen Lane vanished four years ago after booking into the Pioneer YHA, on the corner of Parsons Street and Leichhardt Terrace.

She was last seen by a taxi driver who drove her from the Truck Stop to a dirt track off the north Stuart Highway.

Her sister Susan and brother John to check out a report that she was living in a Central Australian Outback community and was paying people to look after her.

John, 52, said the family wanted to check that out and to try to find any information about the sister they call Jenny.

John said: ``There is no closure. Our dad Jim is frail and he's about to turn 84. He came up the first time to try to find Jenny. Maybe this time round someone might remember something or may have recognised her.

``We don't know if she's dead or alive. Our dad is desperate to know if she is safe, we all are, the whole family.

Susan said two weeks before 55-year-old Jenny had gone missing she had stopped taking her medication for bi-polar disorder.

She said: ``Jenny may be trying not to be found. She may think she is protecting herself and her family by hiding somewhere.''

Her brother and sister said if she is hiding they want her to know they want her home and safe.

They appealed for Jenny to contact them or the police to let them know she is safe.

Susan and John contacted health and community service networks in Alice Springs to spread the word about Jenny.

Jenny was a strong campaigner for indigenous rights for most of her life, and worked in remote communities such as Yagga Yagga, east of Balgo, Western Australia, where she was first thought to have been heading.

Jenny is 163cm tall, has a solid build and when last seen had close-cropped dark hair.

She was wearing jeans and a denim jacket with a distinctive Aboriginal dot painting motif on the back.

Anyone with information on Jenny's whereabouts should contact police on 131444.