John Edward BROWN





First Name(s):   BROWN
Last Name: John Edward
Last seen date:   15 June 2016
Last seen location: Brisbane
Year of birth:   1977
Sex:  Male
Eye colour:  Green
Hair colour:  Brown
Height:   185 – 190 cms
Build:   Solid
Complexion:   Fair
Distinguishing Features:  


Detailed circumstances:
John Edward BROWN normally resides in the Townsville area but was last seen in Brisbane on 15/06/16 and was reported missing as there are concerns for his wellbeing. Extensive enquiries have failed to locate Charles and there are significant fears for his welfare and safety.

Manhunt for drug runner on the loose continues

A MISSING real estate agent convicted of importing methamphetamine from Malaysia may have been the target of a letterbox campaign last year.

Anonymous letters were sent to 20 vendors across the city in December, telling owner-occupiers they “should be aware that your agent has been charged with possession and or the supply of drugs, if convicted he will be deemed unfit to hold a real estate agents license (sic)”.

It was assumed the letters referred to another agent, but last week John Edward Brown was convicted of three serious drug charges in the Supreme Court in Brisbane.

It comes as a manhunt for Brown, 39, continues after he failed to show when the jury returned with its verdict in Brisbane last week.

Despite his absence, he was found guilty of importing methamphetamine, attempting to possess methamphetamine and possessing a dangerous drug.

An Australian Federal Police spokesman yesterday confirmed Brown had been the subject to an AFP investigation involving the importation of a “marketable quantity” of methamphetamine.

“The AFP is currently conducting inquiries in relation to the current whereabouts of Mr Brown,” he said.

“The AFP would encourage anyone who may have information about Mr Brown’s activities or whereabouts to contact your local police station or the AFP on 131 AFP.”

Regional crime co-ordinator detective Superintendent Ray Rohweder said the investigation into Brown’s whereabouts was in the hands of the AFP.

“We always work closely with the AFP and if they were to ask us for assistance in locating the gentleman, we certainly would,” he said.


Defence barrister Peter Richards, who represented Brown in court, yesterday declined to comment.


True crime story about North Queensland double agent

“IF SOMETHING happens to me, tell my story.”

These were the words of a desperate man, a man who claimed he had no option but to blow the whistle about what he thought was a severe wrongdoing.

Two months ago, John Edward Brown walked into the Townsville Bulletin with a story that could have come straight from the script of a Hollywood blockbuster.

It was a story of drugs, violence, undercover operatives and a man who lived a double life that he had to keep secret, even from those he loved the most.

It was a fantastical story, one that almost defied belief, but a semblance of truth began to emerge as details were checked with well-placed sources and facts about Brown’s life were revealed.

What is known for certain is Brown is now a convicted drug smuggler, found guilty last month of importing 629g of pure methamphetamine in 2012 from Malaysia.

Now he is on the run from the law, avoiding a possible 25-year jail sentence.

But, that’s not the whole story, not according to Brown.

On the run: Manhunts that have gripped Queensland

From a double amputee who eluded police for eight hours to a killer dubbed the “Fox on the Run’’, we take a look at manhunts that have gripped Queensland.



Usually, offenders abscond before the police have managed to charge them.

But the Townsville real estate agent spectacularly went walkabout after jurors were sent out to deliberate in his drug importation trial in 2016.

He was awaiting sentence when he failed to show in court.

Brown’s case made headlines after he walked into the Townsville Bulletin newspaper’s office and told them: “If something happens to me, tell my story.’’

Convicted in Brisbane Supreme Court of importing methamphetamine from Malaysia, Brown imported nearly a kilogram of the drug in late 2012 via an air courier.

Brown had months earlier spun the Bulletin an incredible, Hollywood blockbuster tale of drugs, violence, undercover operatives and a man who lived a double life that he had to keep secret, even from those he loved the most.

The jury later returned a guilty verdict.

Queensland Police still listed him as a missing person in July, 2018, with fears held for his wellbeing.