THIS is the man police fear has got away with murder.

When 36-year-old Jun Ren went missing from her Kemps Creek home in May 1991, her husband, Bi Kui, told her friend she had "gone overseas with a rich man".

But when Helen Liu insisted he report his wife as missing to the police, he allegedly raped her, telling Ms Liu Australian police were "stupid" and that ''in a big country like this killing a few people is easy'', an inquest into Ms Ren's death heard yesterday.

The inquest was told that police believe Mr Kui, now 55, either killed Ms Ren himself or has intimate knowledge of how she died. But because her body has never been found, the Deputy State Coroner, Carl Milovanovich, was unable to make a finding into the cause or manner of Ms Ren's death or refer the case to the state's unsolved homicide team.

"The circumstances of the relationship of the deceased with her husband at the time and the circumstances in which she disappeared certainly makes the circumstances suspicious but without a body I cannot say definitely," he concluded.

The officer in charge of the investigation, Detective Senior Constable Graham Hibbs, told the inquest: "It is my belief that Jun Ren Ö was murdered by Bi Kui or persons known to Bi Kui some time in May 1991."

The court had heard that Ms Ren had had an abortion in the weeks leading up to her disappearance, telling a male friend she "hated" her husband and did not want to have his child.

She had also attempted to leave Mr Kui, and stayed at Ms Liu's house for two days. But Mr Kui collected his wife and she was not seen again.

Ms Ren was reported missing two years after her disappearance when Ms Liu discovered that Mr Kui had never told police, the court heard. Police intelligence alleges that Mr Kui is involved in Asian organised crime, the inquest heard.

It heard Ms Ren had told friends that before he moved to Sydney, her husband had defrauded $US100,000from a Chinese company.

When the Herald visited Mr Kui at the restaurant he owns in Ashfield, a man who translated the conversation said Mr Kui ''could not remember much at all'' about that period in his life.