Veronica Philomena LOCKYER and Adell Sherylee PARTRIDGE

 An old grainy photo of Veronica Philomena Lockyer sitting with a baby in her lap outdoors.A tight head and shoulders shot of baby Adell Sherylee Partridge.

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WA mum, baby daughter missing since 1998

Western Australia's homicide squad is investigating the disappearance of a mother and her baby more than 20 years ago, and are calling for information.

Australian Associated PressMARCH 14, 20195:24PM

The family of a woman and her seven-month-old daughter who vanished in Western Australia more than 20 years ago hope they are still alive.

The homicide squad is investigating the disappearance of Veronica Philomena Lockyer, 33, and her baby Adell Sherylee Partridge, who were last seen in the Merredin/Burracoppin area in late 1998.

The indigenous mother-of-six led a transient lifestyle, often visited women's hostels in Perth, and has extended family in WA's northern Pilbara and Gascoyne regions.

"They all assumed that Veronica was staying with other family members and it wasn't unusual for Veronica to not be heard or seen for quite a period of time," Detective Senior Sergeant Adrian Richards told reporters on Thursday.

Unconfirmed information indicates in November or December 1998 Ms Lockyer and her baby may have caught a taxi from the Centre Point Shopping Centre in Midland.

One of Ms Lockyer's other children, known only as Donna, reported the pair missing in July last year.

"My family thought she was living in Perth with myself and Adell, and I grew up thinking that she lived in Port Hedland, so that's where the gap is," she said.

"It's important to me because it's been 20 years that my mother has not been in my life, my sister has not been in my life, and it feels like missing pieces.

"My kids go to sleep and wake up to a photo of my mother ... it's just that they've never met her in person."

Ms Lockyer has an impaired left eye, which she often covers with her hair, and walks with a slight limp.

She was in an on-again off-again relationship with the infant's father at the time she disappeared and police have spoken with him.

Det Sen Sgt Richards said police had serious concerns about the welfare of Ms Lockyer and her baby, and were prepared for the worst.

"We're approaching this investigation with an open mind," he said.

Some documents and records have been destroyed since 1998, which has hindered the investigation.

Police urge anyone with information to come forward.

Mother and daughter reported missing to WA Police 20 years after they were last seen

By Charlotte Hamlyn - ABC


WA Police have launched a homicide investigation in the search for a mother and her child who have not been seen for two decades, after the alarm was only recently raised by family members.

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Veronica Philomena Lockyer and her child Adell Sherylee Partridge were last seen in Perth in late 1998, but had been living in the Merredin–Burracoppin area of the Wheatbelt.

Ms Lockyer was known to lead a transient lifestyle and had visited women's hostels and refuges in Perth, as well as in communities in northern WA.

She had six children but was only caring for seven-month-old Adell when she was last seen.

Police did not receive a missing persons report until one of Ms Lockyer's other children contacted them after attempting to reconnect with her mother in recent years.

Relatives shocked at date of last sighting

Detectives have spoken to a number of family members who, over the years, had all assumed Ms Lockyer was in contact with other relatives.

Police said the family was shocked to learn the last confirmed sighting of the pair was 20 years ago at a shopping centre in Midland in Perth's east.

Ms Lockyer's daughter Donna was two years old and living with other family members when her mother and Adell were last seen.

She now has children of her own and unsuccessfully tried to contact her mother in recent years, before reporting the pair missing in July 2018.

"My family thought she was living in Perth with myself and Adell, and I grew up thinking that she lived in Port Hedland, so that's where the gap is," she said.

"I've only just learnt that my mother is missing and it's important to me because it's been 20 years.

"My mother has not been in my life, my sister has not been in my life and it feels like missing pieces. My little family need to know who their grandmother and aunty is."

Police hold out hope amid 'challenges'

Detective Senior Sergeant Adrian Richards said it was a complicated investigation, but police were keeping an open mind.

"I'd be lying if I said it hasn't had its challenges," he said.

"Twenty years is a long time. We have issues of documents and records being destroyed, and obviously, unfortunately, potentially witnesses who are no longer with us."

Detective Senior Sergeant Richards said while the investigation was being handled by the homicide squad, it was possible the pair were still alive.

"Obviously Veronica and Adell's family, along with the WA Police Force, are hopeful that they're alive and well," he said.

"However, it's been a significant period of time.

"The fact that they've been missing for 20 years, no one has seen them, we have no documentation or record since late 1998, that gives us serious concerns about their welfare."

Police said Ms Lockyer would often style her hair covering the left side of her face, which had a physical impairment.

She is described as being Aboriginal, 162 centimetres tall, of medium build with brown hair and brown eyes.

Ms Lockyer would now be 54, and her missing daughter would be 20.