IN MEMORIAM.............

When a missing person is found deceased, that ends the not-knowing but doesn't end the pain. Life is forever changed. I don't want those precious people to be forgotten, and I certainly don't forget them once they're found. This page is to remember and honour their lives. If you see someone in your family on this page and you would prefer that I removed them I will, of course, respect your wish and remove them. I am also more than willing to add a loved one to this page at your request.


                                              Those lost......Males  




                                                                    Glenn Flint                  



                                                                       Ben Roberts


                                                                    Kasper Sorensen



                                                                     Daniel Cumming


                                                                      Graeme Taylor


                                                                   Graeme Saunders


                                                                     Glen Minnett


                                                                   David Deith

A Poem for David from the heart of his sister - Jen


A life half lived, a life now gone

This life long race, you eventually won


I am now left, to heal the pain.

If you were here, you would feel the same.


I will miss your smile and all your ways

I will miss these things until my dying days


Your presence will forever live on

Even though your body has now gone


You have gone home to Gods gentle embrace

While I wait to live out this life long race


The day will come when I will meet you again

A day when there won’t be anymore pain


I will run right into your strong open arms

And live eternally with all your charms



Farewell my baby brother, good bye my dearest friend.


I will LOVE you forever David, until we meet again!







                                                                    Michael Grech

                                                                            "He was my fella and I miss him heaps"  - Hazel



                                                             Noel Trethewey



                                                                     Imran Zilic



                                                                 Shane Riley



                                                                     Stephen King


                                                                   Daniel Thomas



                                                                  Yadav Munohur

In loving memory of our dear Yadav
Two weeks have passed since you left for heaven. Your departure has left us with tears in our eyes and sorrow in our hearts. Your absence is solely felt everyday that God makes. The years will go by but we will always cherish memories of you in our hearts.
May your soul rest in peace for ever and ever. Sadly missed and deeply mourned by grandpa, grandma, uncles, aunties, brothers, sisters and the whole family in Mauritius & London.:(

Shaamal Jashveer





                                                                   Brian Gauldie


                                                                Marcos Stathis


                                                                  Reginald Smith


                                                                    Zach O’Kane


                                                                         Craig Moor


                                                                        Scott McKay



                                                                   Harold Louis


                                                                 David Iredale


                                                                 Kane Dadson


                                                                    Walter Beer


                                                             Niall McDonough



                                                                 Harry Bell


                                                     Minseok Kim         



                                                      Jan - Christian Bielenberg              


                                                             Steven Atkinson


                                                               Nathan Giles



                                                                Chris Edwards


                                                            Christopher Matthews


                                                             Timothy Sheehy


                                                          Peter 'George' Spackman


                                                                           Scott Bryan


                                                            Victor Nyeste



                                                          Ray Ashurst


                                                         Eric Juland


                                                       Charles Harrison


                                                            Kevin Kirk


                                                  Herman Rockefeller


                                                    Bernard Cameron


                                                                Oliver Sims


                                                             Carmine Palladino


                                                            Gurshan Singh


                                                         Brett Besford


                                                               Patrick Hearn


                                                            John Garda


                                                            Mark Warnes


                                                               Lance Hay


                                                                Disappeared ... Jay Riley.

                                                                    Jay Riley


                                                                 Robert Zakarija


                                                                  Peter Murphy


                                                                   Lachlan Cranswick


                                                                       Robbie Nivison



                                                                   Dean Causby


                                                                  Michael Lalos


                                                                        Basil Lee


                                                                     William Cooma


                                                                  Carmine Orlando


                                                                       Ian Sargison


                                                                   Mark Cecchini

                                                                            EMERGENCY services have spent the past two days searching for a missing East Ballina man.

                                                                    Gilbert Fulton


                                                                  Ronald Payne


                                                                Karsten Wetzel


                                                              Matthew Appleby


                                                                Michael Lalos

                                                                            THE family of Christian Thomson are desperate to hear from the 30-year-old who has not been seen since the early hours of the morning on New Year's Day.

                                                             Christian Thomson

                                                                             THE family of Christian Thomson are desperate to hear from the 30-year-old who has not been seen since the early hours of the morning on New Year's Day.

                                                              Daniel Rosewall


                                                                Edward Arnold


                                                                 Adrian Trevett


                                                                       Paul Ison


                                                                  Pardeep Kumar


                                                                     Ishe Jamou


                                                                Christopher Hardie


                                                                     Clinton Tulk



                                                                  Andrew Crawford


                                                                 Matt O'Shannessy


                                                                     Norm Cheney


                                                                 Kevin Berridge


                                                              Tony Bloomfield


                                                                  Declan Crouch


                                                         Chris "Snow" Gallagher


                                                                Alex Beddowes



                                                                       Leigh Peters


                                                                      Ismet Toprak


                                                                   Jason Richards


                                                               Christopher Annett


                                                                Daniel Morcombe


                                                                 Nathan Muscat


                                                                   Taylor Lacey


                                                                 Geoffrey Bullock


                                                                Rickey Szkirpan


                                                                Bailey Fuller


                                                             Keon Sbrugnera


                                                              Paul Assman


                                                                 Roy Forbes


                                                             Paul Devine


                                                           David Blenkinsopp


                                                            Geoffrey Edgeloe


                                                            Dennis Cronin


                                                          Peter Graham


                                                           Michael Thomas


                                                           Rowen Osborn


                                                          Peter Reinhardt

                                                                                  Missing man Yengo Faugere

                                                          Yengo Faugere


                                                             Gary Adams


                                                              Derek Bacon                      


                                                          Roderick Base


                                                           Erik Garrard


                                                            Neil Vining


                                                          James Whyte


                                                   Mohammed Abouhait 


                                                    Antony Colquhoun


                                                    Michael Samways 


                                                              Mark Hulme 


                                                               Ray Wehrstedt


                                                            Chitria Bhandari




                                                                         Neil Hinkley


                                                                        Quinn Martin

                                                                                                           Dane Kowalski was on his way to Darwin for a fishing trip when he went missing

                                                                      Dane Kowalski


                                                                      Christos Vavouras


                                                                           Ben Plowright

                                                               Missing man Lindsay Judas who was headed to Broome

                                                                         Lindsay Judas


                                                                    Benjamin Stephens 


                                                                     Mark Jansen 










                                                                John Christianos


                                                                          Eric Robinson

                                                                                                       Image result for Owen Rooney

                                                                         Owen Rooney












                                                                                                                               Max Tancevski


                                                                                                                            Minh Nguyen