IN MEMORIUM.............

When a missing person is found deceased, that ends the not-knowing but doesn't end the pain. Life is forever changed. I don't want those precious people to be forgotten and I certainly don't forget them once they're found. This page is to remember and honour their lives. If you see someone in your family on this page and you would prefer that I removed them I will, of course, respect your wish and remove them. I am also more than willing to add a loved one to this page at your request and if you'd like to add a personal message under their photo I would be honoured to do that for you.


                           Those lost......Females          

                        Anne James

                               Cassandra Girkin                               

                   Kristy Scholes                                                          Lisa Clymer                                          Lisa Franks




                     Amanda O'Dell                                   Ashleigh Musson                              Michelle Rigg


                                       Description: Description:                        Description: Description:

               Corryn Rayney                              Cherylee Masters                    Leanne Mintern        


                                                                                                     Description: Description:

                                                                        Jody Galante      "On Butterfly Wings....."        


                                                                                              Description: Description:

                                                                                                            Lisa Keem

A message from Lisa's family -

Lisa was the beautiful light in our Family that shone so bright and we will miss her dearly. She will be remembered for beauty, her strength of character, for her compassion for both people and animals and her love for her family.
We are all devastated for the loss of Lisa; she was a wonderful daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend.
This is a very tough time for her mother as well as her brothers, sisters and extended family. We thank everyone for their kind words and support that the family has received in the past days.
At this time we ask that you let us mourn. Enough people have suffered.
Our family appeals for any witnesses to come forward and help the police catch Lisa’s callous murderer.
The postings on Facebook have provided us with some comfort and we encourage the public to continue to use this to keep her spirit alive, while the search for those who are responsible is ongoing.

Rosie, Amie, Nathan, Thomas and Mollie

A message from friends Cat and Gabby -

Lisa was a light that shone brightly. She was magical, she was loving and caring and a force to be reconned with.
She would open her mouth and trust and honesty came out whether you liked it or not and that was the beauty that was Lisa.
She was the most generous soul you could come across and she was extremely gentle. She would light up a room as soon as she walked in, and no one could ignore her, her amazing energy,positivity and beauty. She gave time to everyone, humans and the furry kind as well.
Her booming laugh still echoes in our our memory, and we will always remember how she grabbed life by the balls. She was the sun, she was the moon, she was Lisa.

We were lucky to have had her, we are saddened to have lost her, we will love her forever.

Gabby and Cat

We would also like to thank everyone for your beautiful messages of love and support at this very difficult time. We will be putting together a book for her mum, of all the messages that have been received.

          Description: Description:                              Description: Description:                 Description: Description:

               Glenda Wadley                                            Kate Mooney                        Heather Shepherd



       Description: Description:                Description: Description:                Description: Description:

             Vonne McGlynn                                  Margaret Carmen                              Kylie McKay





            Description: Description:                                    Description: Description:                                      Description: Description:

                          Dawn Wilson                                                    Zhang Yu                              Gyeonghwa An


                                  Description: Description:                       Description: Description: Description:

                    Margaret Wheater                                                 Shana Wilkinson



          Description: Description:                 Description: Description: A family photograph of missing Fawkner woman Luca Amenta.               Description: Description:

          Lorraine Eves                            Lucia (Lucy) Amenta                                    Wei Chen



             Description: Description:                              Description: Description:                                         Description: Description:

      Melloney Menhennitt                 Rhian Elsmore                                         Kristi McDougall



           Description: Description:                             Description: Description:             Description: Description:

         Justine Jones                                   Leila Chalmers                              Donne Morgan         


           Description: Description:                       Description: Description:                                  Description: Description:

                       Concetta Leone                             Cariad Anderson-Slater                 Rhonda Firla



          Grace Fiori                                           Audrey Woods                                              Marilyn Reid



                                                                Kiesha Weippeart                                                                                                       



                     Jessie Cate                                                 Anna Makosij                             Michelle Ivers


                                      Linda Stroud                      

                    Kylie Silvester                       Linda Stroud                              Karen Kelly



                     Helen Russell                        Jane Sheahan                                    Margaret Hills



                     Ariel Livesey                                        Cindy Dalton                       Karen Gilligan


            Allison Badenclay                                         

             Allison Baden-Clay                     Steffi Landwehrmann                           Cindy Masonwells 


            Grave fears for missing mum                                     

             Veronica Messina                            Samantha Baldock                                   Jill Meagher 



                 Anna Chmiel                                                               Lateesha Nolan            



           Patricia Gay                          Tamara Milograd                      Marilyn Wallman