Missing and Murdered - 1970's and 80's                    

Serial killers have been somewhat glamourised by TV and movies and it's easy to think of them as fictional characters. Sadly they are a reality and many missing persons it is believed have tragically lost their lives at the hands of these people.

In Australia, through many years of research of missing persons cases I can see certain patterns with the missing that may indicate a serial killer. The most evident is the large numbers of young mainly females who were either found murdered or are still missing in the 1970's and early 1980's in NSW and also QLD. It's possible it's the work of one person or one gang as has been suggested recently in the media, or it may be more than one. A certain infamous NSW serial killer already behind bars for several murders of backpackers has his name mentioned in connection with almost every missing person from this time frame but we must keep an open mind about it.

Please also be aware of a large number (around 14) of abductions and rapes that occurred at the same time on the Northern Beaches of Sydney - for obvious reasons those names don't appear here but they must be added into the whole picture.

What I have done here is prepared a timeline of missing and murdered persons from the 70's and 80's - this is to make people aware of just how many there were, what a large area they cover and to appeal for any information that may assist in solving these crimes. I am NOT saying all these cases are connected, the aim of this is to present all the cases to assist in investigating them.

If you have any information, on behalf of the families of these people I am begging you to call Crimestoppers - 1800 333 000.



 Anita CUNNINGHAM    Robin Hoinville-Bartram             John TRACE                          Gabriel Jahnke                Michelle Riley

           Missing                       Murdered                                       Missing                                      Murdered                       Murdered

                               September 1972                                           Mid 1973                                 October 1973                October 1973

         Flinders Highway Near Pentland, QLD                      Brisbane QLD                          Ormeau QLD                Mt Tamborine QLD




Lorraine Wilson                        Wendy Evans                                       Marion REES                          Catherine Graham

Murdered                                    Murdered                                                   Missing                                          Murdered

October 1974                            October 1974                                            April 1975                                       July 1975

Murphy's Creek QLD          Murphy's Creek QLD                      Hillsdale/Matraville NSW           Flinders Highway Oak Valley QLD


    Margaret Hardy           Margaret Rosewarne                       Narelle COX                      Barbara BROWN                   Trudie ADAMS

        Murdered                        Murdered                                           Missing                                 Missing                             Missing

    February 1976                     May 1976                                        July 1977                              May 1978                       June 1978

     St Mary's NSW             Mudgeeraba QLD                            Grafton NSW                       Beecroft NSW                  Newport    NSW                


 Michelle POPE             Stephen LAPTHORNE   Stephen JELFS        Leanne GOODALL                                  

      Missing                               Missing                            Missing                             Missing                                                              

  August 1978                     August 1978                  September 1978               December 1978                                                 

Pymble NSW                       Pymble NSW             Darlinghurst NSW           Newcastle NSW                                              


 Anneke ADRIAANSEN                 Alan FOX                      Tanya FARRINGTON           Robyn HICKIE              Amanda ROBINSON   

             Missing                                    Missing                                   Missing                             Missing                            Missing    

       January 1979                         January 1979                           March 1979                        April 1979                          April 1979     

      Kempsey NSW                     Kempsey NSW                       Crows Nest NSW            Belmont NSW                    Swansea NSW                                   


  Rhonda STAIT            Toni CAVANAGH                 KayDOCHERTY                           Kim TEER                        Amanda ZOLIS 

     Missing                           Missing                                    Missing                                       Missing                                Missing

      May 1979                       July 1979                                July 1979                                   August 1979                     October 1979

  Camden NSW           Wollongong & Darlinghurst NSW      Wollongong & Darlinghurst  NSW        NSW                           Hamilton NSW


Annette BRIFFA                Marion SANDFORD                   Kerry JOEL                      Elaine JOHNSON                  Linda DAVIE           

     Missing                                  Missing                                      Missing                                  Missing                                 Missing         

January 1980                        January 1980                          February 1980                     February 1980                         April 1980            

Mount Colah NSW              Cammeray NSW                      Cronulla NSW                      Cronulla NSW                  St Leonards NSW       


Deborah BALKEN                     Gillian JAMIESON                                                    Leslie TOSHAK                           Joanne LACEY   

       Missing                                         Missing                                                                      Missing                                          Missing

       July 1980                                    July 1980                                                                    April 1981                                    April 1981                  

                Parramatta & Wollongong NSW                                                                             Paddington- Nth Coast NSW/QLD   

                       (Photo unavailable)                     

  Mary WALLACE                Monica ROMEYN                Elizabeth BROMFIELD               Susan Isenhood

          Missing                                Missing                                     Missing                                               Murdered

   September 1983                    August 1984                         September 1984                                   October 1985

   Crows Nest NSW             Darlinghurst NSW              Mooney Mooney  NSW               Gosford & Mid North Coast NSW