Peter Dale HILLS


Date of Birth:
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Brown
Height: 170cms
Build: Slim

Peter Hills was last seen in Adelaide on 27 October 1996. On 5 December 1996 his vehicle was located abandoned at Rollingstone, North Queensland. At the time of his disappearance he was suffering a medical condition. *Also listed in Queensland section


**Peter this is a message for you from Kelly -

"My daughter's father peter dale hills went missing when i was 3 months pregnant with her. We still wonder where he may be and we miss and love him so much even though my 9 yo will perhaps never get to meet her daddy i know in her heart she holds out hope the not knowing is the worse and it has taken us so long to completely accept he may not come back but still i hold out for that slight hope that he will return. his pictures are utmost importnat hting inour lives and even though i am iwth another man lifemust continue on but peters photos are all around our house with love. peter if u are alive which i hope u are please please get in touch somehow thru the police we would love to know how u are and if u are okay. we love u very much and id love you to meet ur beautiful daughter who is the spitting image of you. she is adorable and she needs to see her daddy and i need to hold u once agian my sweet man. you are missed very very much, with love...xxxxxxxxxxx"

Peter your beautiful daughter's name is Shaeleigh Imogen  and she loves you very much and would love to know and meet her daddy one day!! Your photo sits by her  bedside and she kisses you goodnite every nite. "

Peter if you're reading this, please ring Kelly