Above right - Christine Torzsok/Somogyi self portrait drawn in 1988 (supplied by Christine's sister)


Name: Christine Somogyi (alias Torzsok)
Age: Born 1965
Height: 160cm/168cm?
Hair: Light Brown, short
Eyes: Grey
Build: Slim (51kg)
Complexion: Fair
Ethnic Origin: Caucasian
Clothing: Not Known


Christine Somogyi (aka Christine Torzsok) was last seen at the Congress medical clinic in Alice Springs, NT on 8 March 1999 with stab wounds to her arm. Extensive police investigations have failed to turn up any information about Christine Somogyi, despite numerous sightings in the Central Australia region.

Christine was last seen by South Australian Mental Health authorities in February 1999 and has not touched her Bank of South Australia account since her last known withdrawal in Alice Springs on 18 March 1999. Centrelink payments to her bank account have not been withdrawn.

Christine SOMOGYI moved from Adelaide in SA to Alice Springs in the Northern Territory around 1997-1998. She gave birth to a child in Alice Springs in early 1999. Christine frequented Aboriginal Camps in the Alice Springs area and made close friendship with the Aboriginal people. She was last seen at one of these camps. She has made no contact with her family since her disappearance.

If you are able to supply any information regarding the above mentioned person or his whereabouts since the date of disappearance, please contact:

CRIME STOPPERS ON 1800 333 000

Christine's sister wanted to share her story - "Christine was living up there for some years before she disappeared. She was an artist and was practising our art, and had some involvement in some community centre. As you can see she is very artistic and the likeness (in her self portrait above)  is exactly like Christine. She is also very good at leather work as I remember. She loves being with the Aboriginal people and I have a photograph with them all together. I remember her telling me that she wasn't happy in Adelaide and didn't think much as of white man's ways. I remember her living in Brisbane when I went to visit her in 1988. I think it's peculiar that she hasn't not contacted any of our family or even cousins whom reside in Adelaide. We just expected her to come home at some time. We had no contact with her up in Alice Springs so it made it very difficult to find the actual location where she was staying. Christine was a very friendly and gentle woman with sense of adventure with excellent artistic skills and I am hoping to see her again someday. It has been very hard on my family and not a day goes by without us thinking of her we wonder what happened too. I can't accept the fact that she's gone and I'm still anticipating her return."