Timothy "TJ" MAHER







A picture of the pairâ??s boat, which was retrieved from waters Sunday. Picture: Queensland Police 



Missing fishermen's bucket found in Moreton Bay as search enters fourth day

By Toby Crockford  Brisbane Times


A small white bucket belonging to two missing Brisbane fishermen has been found in Moreton Bay.

The search and rescue operation entered its fourth day on Wednesday and the public holiday could be helpful and a hindrance for authorities.

Police expected more people to be on the water on Ekka People's Day and while that meant more eyes scanning for items of interest, authorities warned boaties not to get in the way of the search.

Carwyn Massey, 25, and Timothy Maher, 32, phoned family about 10.15pm on Saturday to say they were heading back to shore after a day-long fishing trip, but they did not arrive.


Brisbane Water Police Senior Sergeant David Edden said the bucket was found within the search area on Tuesday.

The missing men's family, some of whom joined in the search effort in boats on Tuesday, confirmed the bucket belonged to the two friends.






The search would concentrate around Green, Mud and St Helena islands on Wednesday and involve Water Police and Volunteer Marine Rescue vessels as well as the PolAir and Rescue 500 helicopters.

The missing men's 3.3-metre aluminium dinghy was found near Green Island about 5pm on Sunday, with only a small part of the bow sticking out of the water.


Bayside Patrol Group Inspector Lindsay Kilpatrick said on Monday that lifejackets and fishing equipment were found in the water near the stricken tinnie.

The stricken tinnie was towed back to the Port of Brisbane on Monday.

Police said officers continued to keep the families of the two young men up to date with the details of the search and rescue operation.

Mr Massey's sister Rhiannon posted on social media on Sunday afternoon pleading for help to find her brother.


"My brother, Carwyn Massey, has been missing since last night. If anyone hears anything please contact the police or myself and my family," she wrote.

If anyone finds any item of interest in Moreton Bay, they should contact Brisbane Water Police Brisbane on 3895 0333.



Searchers give up hope of finding missing fishermen alive

By Jocelyn Garcia - SMH


Queensland police have given up hope of finding two missing Brisbane fishermen alive after a week-long search of Moreton Bay waters to find them.

The air, land and sea search for Carwyn Massey, 25, and Timothy Maher, 32, was scaled back on Thursday and finally called off on Friday.

The fishermen phoned family about 10.15pm last Saturday and said they were heading back to shore after a day trip but they never made it back to White Island.

Dozens of vessels scoured the area and searchers found the stricken dinghy, fishing equipment and life jackets, as well as a white bucket the men had taken with them.

Police said strong westerly winds meant weather conditions on Moreton Bay were not favourable for small boats.

A spokesman said police had since told the families the sad news of the fishermen's survival rate.

"Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the men at this very difficult time," he said.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner.

Family scales back search for missing men

After more than a week of searching, the family of one of two missing fishermen have made the decision they hoped they’d never have to.

THE heartbroken family of a missing fisherman say they have made the gut-wrenching decision to scale back their own search for him after a week with no answers.

The devastated sister of Tim Maher – who vanished on August 10 with his mate Carwyn Massey – said the family had run out of theories explaining the pair’s eerie disappearance.

Mr Maher, 31, and Mr Massey, 25, were fishing in a 3.3m aluminium boat when they failed to return on Saturday, August 10.

The boat was found near Green Island, in Moreton Bay, last Sunday afternoon.

A number of items, including a bucket and a life jacket, have also been found.

The families of the pair have continued searching after police and search and rescue crews opted to scale back their search late last week.

But Mr Maher’s older sister Kelly Maher has revealed the family had made the heartbreaking decision to stop.

“Saturday’s final searches were unsuccessful in finding T.J.,” she said.

“We had help from our family, their friends on boats, jet skis and canoes.

“Hours were spent searching and scouring mangroves and waters around Green Island, King Island, Wellington Point, Ormiston and surrounding waters.”

Ms Maher said the family had exhausted all ideas and theories about where he may be found.

“We aren’t sure what the next step will be for our family as a whole, or for T.J.’s young family going forward,” she said.

“Without knowing where he is, it really leaves the book wide open and we are all struggling emotionally with the lack of closure that accompanies T.J.’s disappearance.

“If we locate him, I will keep you updated.

“Thanks to everyone who has sent prayers, well wishes and checking in on us during this terrible, terrible time.”

Police said the pair’s boat was mostly submerged when it was found, with just a small part of the bow sticking out of the water.

The men had departed from Whyte Island on August 10.

The last contact with the men was via mobile phone at 10.15pm that night.

Up to 20 vessels joined the search last week.



Missing fisherman's body found, police confirm


A body found in Brisbane's Moreton Bay is one of the two fishermen who went missing earlier this month, Queensland police have confirmed.

A massive week-long search failed to locate Timothy Maher, 32, and Carwyn Massey, 25, after their boat and fishing gear were found partially submerged.

A member of the public discovered Mr Massey’s body near St Helena Island about 8.30am on Monday. A post-mortem examination confirmed his identity, police advised on Thursday.

Mr Maher is still missing.


A land and sea search was called off on August 16, about seven days after the men failed to return home from a fishing trip.

Their 3.3-metre blue aluminium dinghy was found several kilometres off Green Island the day after their disappearance.

Missing fisherman's family 'won't give up looking for answers'

By Jocelyn Garcia Brisbane Times

The family of missing fisherman Timothy Maher has vowed to never give up hope in finding him, after he and his friend failed to return to shore.

Mr Maher, 32, and Carwyn Massey, 25, phoned family about 10.15pm on August 10 and were heading back but they didn't make it to the Whyte Island boat ramp at the Port of Brisbane, about 20 kilometres north-east of Brisbane.

Dozens of vessels scoured the area and searchers found the stricken dinghy, fishing equipment and life jackets, as well as a white bucket the men had taken with them.

But the men from Brisbane have not been found.


Queensland police notified the families of the fishermen's survival rate and called off the week-long air, land and sea search on Friday.

However, Mr Maher's parents, Jenny Townsend and Tim Maher snr, said they were holding out hope that he would be found.

"I will always hold dear to my heart the time that I was able to spend with my darling first-born son," Ms Townsend said.


"I won’t give up looking for answers," Mr Maher snr said.

During this difficult time as the family comes to terms with the possibility of finding their loved one's lifeless body, they remember him as being a keen fisherman since the age of four and working on car restorations with his father.

Brother Michael Maher described the devoted stay-at-home father-of-two as akin to "Bear Grylls, always out for a fish or barbecue with loved ones".

Krissy Bunmee, who is the lost fisherman's partner, said there was nothing he would not do for his children.

"Anyone who ever met TJ will be touched by his light, spirit and charismatic character," she said.

Older sister Kelly Maher said her brother was passionate about life and "always gave 110 per cent".

"I will always treasure watching the pride on his face whenever he was with his children, or the whoop of joy when a fish took the bait and ran, and the seriousness he always showed when planning for his next adventure," she said.

Sister Ebony Richards said her beloved brother, whom she said was always there for her, taught her to be strong-minded and independent.

"TJ is unapologetically himself and always knows exactly who he was," she said.

Mr Maher's stepbrother Dan Tuite said family members were continuing their searches.


"We will continue to look as much as we can," he said.

"Even though the official search has finished, the police are also continuing regular patrols of the area.

"The police and volunteers have been fantastic, gone well above and beyond their line of duty.

"They are all passionate and taken it personally that TJ and Carwyn have not yet been found."

The family was appealing for the public to report any information to police.

"Even if they are unsure if an item they found is related or not, just report it anyway as it may be the missing piece to the puzzle," Mr Tuite said.

Police are preparing a report for the coroner.