Trent Riley’s family thanked all the volunteers who had aided in the extensive search to locate the missing 26-year-old.Missing Brisbane man Trent Riley.

The tribute to Mr Riley at The Fortitude Music Hall.Family and friends of missing man Trent Riley gather in Fortitude Valley to remember the 26-year-old.



Trent Riley’s family calls off official search two weeks after he went missing in Moreton Bay

The brother of the missing 26-year-old thanked the thousands of supporters who helped in the search, asking them to ‘be like Trent’.

Ellen Ransley
NCA NewsWireAPRIL 26, 2021


The family of a fisherman who went missing in waters off Brisbane almost two weeks ago have called off the official search, thanking the thousands of volunteers and supporters who helped in the effort.

Trent Riley, 26, was declared missing about 3.30pm on April 14 2021 after his boat was found near Mud Island in Moreton Bay without anyone on-board.

At the time, police said it would appear as if Mr Riley had fallen overboard.

A large-scale sea, air and land search ensued, aided by water police, the coast guard, family, friends, and community members.

More than 11,000 people joined a Facebook group dedicated to finding Mr Riley, and hundreds of members searched the area near where the man went missing extensively.

On Anzac Day, Mr Riley’s brother Shannon announced the family was calling off the official search, conceding it was one of the hardest things he had done in his life.

“We can all be proud of Trent … He’s changed the world with his love and his passion,” Shannon said.

“I know a lot of you’se are going to be still searching, but the official search is finishing today. Everyone’s done so amazing, you should all be so proud of yourselves.

“Life is temporary. You’ve got to be patient, Trent will be patient. We’ll be with him soon.”

Shannon thanked the community for their efforts and asked them to take a bit of Trent with them.

“Everyone needs to be like f***ing Trent,” he said.

“If everyone had a piece of Trent in their hearts, we would accomplish world peace.”


Tribute to missing skateboarder Trent Riley draws hundreds to the Valley

By Jocelyn Garcia

A tribute to Trent Riley, the young man who went missing after a solo fishing trip in Moreton Bay, brought hundreds of people to The Fortitude Music Hall to remember the “most incredible human on the planet”.

About 500 family and friends rallied on Thursday in memory of the 26-year-old avid skateboarder, who was believed to have fallen overboard from his tinny on the trip last month.

Police found the small vessel off Mud Island, near the Port of Brisbane, on April 14.

Trent’s family and friends, community members and Water Police searched for Mr Riley for days, to no avail.


As the crowd cheered at the tribute event for Mr Riley on Thursday, Shannon Riley unfolded a piece of paper bearing his speech, took a sip of his beer and took a few deep breaths.

Then he described his brother as “the most incredible human on the planet”.

“Even though he can’t see us right now, I know he’s going red in the face because he doesn’t like to be the centre of attention,” he said.

“I know Trent is here right now with us today, his spirit.


“Who knew one man would have such a ripple effect on this earth?



“We’ll be sad for a while but that’s OK.

“He just cruised through life exactly how he skated - with flow, consistency and fearlessness.”

Sister Zara Riley, who fought back tears while holding Shannon close, said life came with the good and bad.


“Life gives us the ability to know them on our journey,” she said.

“We meet them, we love them, we care for them, and they cared about us. That’s the purpose of life. Enjoy it while we journey through it.”

Trent’s father Fred Riley said the Water Police were the definition of true Queenslanders.

“When I walked into that police headquarter, they had three people there. These boys were kicking above their weight,” he said.


“Queenslander!” he yelled, holding his arms in the air.

“As soon as they were called in and all the [volunteers], Trent’s army, thank you ... you guys have shown so many people that we still love each other.”

Friend Andrew Beauchamp was among many who took the stage.

“He’s really broken my heart. I miss him so much,” he said.

“He was just beautiful. You couldn’t replace that person and you couldn’t even try and fill the boots of it.”


Flowers were laid along the side of the entrance to the venue while a billboard with the hashtag belikeTrent and his nickname TBuna was on stage as a slideshow played.

A poem was read, and a video showed Mr Riley’s skateboarding feats, before musicians played out the night.